Best Commercial Butcher Knives(Review 2019) – How many types of commercial bucher knives?

Cutting, slicing are very basic operations in the process of cooking. Although there are more handy tools to do this but a sharp butcher kitchen knife is still the most favorite of cooker.

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Kitchen knives are one of the indispensable kitchen utensils for cooker. However, currently the range of kitchen knife products is quite diverse in design and quality. This makes it difficult for cookers to choose the product that best suits their kitchen. So how can you choose the best commercial butcher knives for your kitchen?

What is the commercial butcher knife?

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Whether you want to buy a butcher knife for commercial purposes or for use in a family kitchen, you should thoroughly explore the information about it.

When it comes to butcher knives, many people will think it’s a knife. But in fact, butcher knives have many types, they are used together to bring the best effect.

Butcher knives are often used to cut flesh or remove bone and cartilage. They are a combination of convenience and solid structure. The handle section is designed with soft curves that make it easier for users to hold knives but not easily slip off their hands while working. The sharp blade section can flex flexibly around the piece of meat and bone to create the most satisfactory result.

Butcher knives often have a stronger texture than other normal knives. They can easily penetrate thick layers of meat or bone and cartilage that other knives can hardly do.

How many types of commercial bucher knives?

Currently there are 7 types of butcher knives on the market, they are classified based on purpose and function of use. So learn more about these butcher knives to help you choose the type of knife you need to buy.

#1 Cleaver

Clevers are one of the two most commonly used butcher knives. Most clevers are used to cut hard types such as bone or cartilage for example. It has a weight that is not too heavy and has a thin blade. Their identification point is its very large shape and it has a hard edge that can withstand repeated repeat blows on the thick cartilage and bone.

However, this is not the sharpest butcher knife because they do not use sharpness to cut meat but use force. So when you want to cut bones, cartilage or other hard part, this is the most suitable type.

#2 Butcher knife

This is the most commonly used butcher knife besides clever. For a chef, this is an indispensable and irreplaceable knife.

It is the large butcher knife. The characteristic of this knife is that the blade is quite wide and is bent at the top of the knife. They are used to slice meat, they can also be used to cut vegetables instead of other types of knives.

It can be said that this is a multifunctional knife, widely used in all types of kitchens.

#3 Boning knife

Boning knives are one of the irreplaceable knives in the kitchen. This is the type of knife used to remove bone or cartilage from the meat by flexible movements. The blade part of the boneless knife can be straight or curved but their common point is the sharp at the top of the knife so that bone and cartilage can be easily removed.

It can be used to break animal leg joints and filter meat perfectly.

#4 Skinning Knife

Each knife type of the butcher knife has its own function for different parts of the animal. Therefore, the skinning knife is basically the type of knife that skinning animals from the meat. This type of knife has a sharp blade section that is bent to give the best cutting motion. Usually they are also used to separate cheekbones or release animal organs.

#5 Breaking Knife

This knife acts as a long and sharp blade through the thick meat easily. It has full features to be able to produce a neat and perfect cut on the meat pieces. For chefs who need ingenuity and perfection for their cutting movements, or meat sellers who need agility, this is a great assistant for you.

#6 Cimeter Knife

This type of butcher knife is often used to cut thick pieces of meat. They are similar in appearance to breaking knives but have more heavy and wide blades. The wide blade section is to keep the cutting process neatly, the cuts are perfectly without losing texture.

It can be said that this is a very important knife for butcher because it is a tool that helps them to cut large pieces of meat into beautifully smaller ones. Besides, this knife is also used to cut thick pieces of fat.

#7 Steak knife

This is a widely used knife in the United States and Europe. They are used to cut beautiful steaks for meals. With its compact size and sharp blade, this is a knife that you can use easily and conveniently.

How to use butcher knife safely?

To use butcher knives in the safest way you need to apply the following ways:

#1 Always fix the appropriate distance between your hand and the blade

Whether you are using or not using a knife to perform any operation, the distance between the finger and the palm should always be fixed at a distance that best fits the blade part to ensure safety for you and the people around.

The knife handle is absolutely not to be too close, do not create a habit to place a finger above or below the blade. This makes the blade less stable and very easy to break. For the other hand, you use it to hold the material you want to cut. You need to place your hand away from the blade and hold the material tightly with your fingertips.

#2 Use cutting boards when slicing and cutting

You should use cutting boards when cutting and slicing, place prepared ingredients on a cutting board and fix the knife head. Lift the knife up and down and at the same time move the material in the cutting direction so that everything is cut faster. Both hands coordinated in a rhythmic way, avoiding lifting too quickly which can hurt your hand.

#3 Always maintain the sharpness of the knife

Normally, a knife after a time of using often has high abrasion, sharpness of the knife significantly reduced. During the operation, the knife is often slipped, leading to unexpectedly accurate slices that take a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, always pay attention to sharpening knives before using. This can help you cut ingredients better, increase the durability of the optimal knife.

#4 Always be careful when using a knife

Special butcher knives often have very high sharpness that the knife can cut the meat into thin slices. However, this makes the knife quite easy to hurt your hand. Therefore, to ensure your own safety, you should be careful to hold the knife firmly in your hand, slow and always fixed a suitable distance between your hands and the knife.

#5 Never use bare hands to clean knives

This is a quite common habit of many people. However, you should stop this habit because sharp blades can affect your hands.

If you want to clean them, you can use a thick cloth or a piece of cotton towel, you should also use gloves when cleaning the knives.

How to preserve commercial butcher knives properly?

Here are some knife preservation tips you should apply:

#1 Use the correct function of knife

This is the easiest way to preserve knives that you can do. Never use butcher knives to extremly high temperature food or use knives on surfaces made of metal or ceramic. Do not use butcher knives to cut acidic foods such as lemon, orange, etc. This may cause the blade to wear more quickly.

#2 Clean the knife immediately after using

After using butcher knife, you need to clean the knife to avoid scratches or dirt that still clings to the surface of the knife. You should store knives in wooden boxes or knife racks to ensure maximum durability of the knife. Note that before placing a knife on a rack you should use a soft towel to thoroughly dry the knife and avoid moldy that can damage the knife.

#3 Always keep the knife away from silver materials

In order to better preserve the butcher knife, you should not place a knife next to or too close to silver materials as this will cause the knife to quickly wear out. Besides, the plastic in the knife handle is not resistant to heat so if you place the handle too close to the place where the heat is high, it will lead to a melting situation that damages the knife handle.

#4 Preserve knives with cooking oil and ginger

This is a simple tip to help the butcher knife never rust. You only need to apply a layer of cooking oil to the surface and soak in rice water or use ginger to rub on the surface of the knife. Applying this method regularly can help the knife avoid rust.

#5 Limit use of dishwasher

Using a dishwasher to clean butcher knives may cause the blade to be damaged as well as to affect other items that are being washed in the machine. In addition, you should note that the knife should not be soaked in water for too long because the handle of the knife can be loose and will make difficult for the user in cutting and slicing. In some special cases, you should consult the manufacturer to see if the knife is usable in dishwashers or not.

What should you pay attention to when buying a butcher knife?

How to choose the best commercial butcher knife? What should you pay attention to when buying butcher knives? Here are some important criteria to help you choose a good quality knife with a good price.

#1 Material

Butcher knives are made from many different materials such as ceramics, steel, stainless steel. However, butcher knives are mainly made from steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel knives have the advantages of shiny, beautiful but easy to blunt and must be sharpened regularly. And the steel knife work quite good but it is easy to rust if the quality is poor or the storage is not proper.

#2 Size

There are many sizes of butcher knife depend on different uses and interests. Most of butcher knives have a relatively larger design compare to other types. You should choose the right size that suits your demand.

#3 Origin

Currently, major brands have researched and developed new technologies to make their products more durable and beautiful. There are many types of butcher knives on the market from many brands, but there are also many types of poor quality production. So when you buy a butcher knife, you should carefully understand the products of the brand as well as their origin to be able to own a high quality butcher knife.

There are several brands of Japanese butcher knife or German butcher knives which has high quality, superior features and high durability. You can also explore some of the more affordable, lower-priced brands like the Thai and Korean knife brands, which are now widely sold in the market.

Top 7 commercial butcher knives 2019

#1 Dick 8.5″ Sterigrip Butcher Knife

The Friedrich Dick brand from Germany is the world’s leading knife manufacturer with comprehensive quality assurance, products. F. Dick’s Knife is always present in the world’s top luxury kitchens. With over 230 years of experience in the field of manufacturing kitchen knives, Fick’s butcher knife products will surely satisfy any customer.

The way to produce the butter knives is very special all products are forged from a single piece of stainless steel, creating a level of balance in quantity and structural harmony. The handle is designed with optimal comfort, while the issue of food safety and hygiene is focused. Therefore, when using this knife, you no longer have any concerns that the pieces of food can get into the junction between the high carbon stainless steel blade and plastic handle.

#2 Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Straight Boning Knife


It can be said that this is the best boning knife on the market today, if you are looking for professional butcher knives, prioritize it on the top of the list.

Victorinox knives are laser cut to ensure accurate detail for the blade. Thanks to that, the knife has a very standard angle and sharp edge, the cutting performance is also very high. The handle is made from high quality plastic, which can prevent it slip from the hand when you boning. With a length of 6 ”, this knife can easily separate bones from the meat without hurting your hands.

#3 Premium Pack 39350-000 EverSharp Pro Steak Knife Set

This is a professional butcher knife set from Zwilling household brand which was trusted by many customers around the world. This brand has developed more than 1200 factories with nearly 1500 stores around the world.

The production material always ensures optimum quality with stainless steel and handles made of high quality anti-slip plastic. Special stainless steel carbon is the material made exclusively by the ThyssenKrupp manufacturer for Zwilling knife products with the formula kept completely confidential.

Zwilling knife products imported directly from Germany are highly appreciated for product life span, corrosion resistance and the best durability in the world today. Production technology on modern and exclusive lines SIGMAFORCE with the Thanks to the production technology on modern and exclusive lines Sigmaforce with the advantages of perfect combination of temperature and pressure, has brought the ideal hardness, toughness and durability for the product.

#4 Wusthof Wusthof classic 8-inch cook’s knife, 3.45 Pound

A specialized knife is extremely necessary for the cooker. Wusthof knife brand has appeared on the market since 1814, the design standards of the product always ensure by the skilled workers. Wusthof knife products always have good quality and high safety. The main components of the knife are made from stainless steel with high carbon content.

This is the ideal butcher knife with a wide stainless steel forged blade, suitable from cutting chicken bones to slicing tomatoes. The handle is made of high quality plastic to ensure that it is not disguised as normal wooden ones.

#5 Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knife 7 Inch

Are you looking for a chinese butcher knife? So don’t miss this super product of clever of Zelite Infinity.

This is a versatile butcher knife with a length of 7 ”, you can use it for slicing, chopping, cutting bone, meat, vegetables and more. Although the weight is quite heavy but the effect it brings is extremely large.

The wide blade section is made of high carbon stainless steel, which helps to prevent rust, corrosion and optimum dust protection. The handle part is secured with safety and grip when operating. Even if you cut a piece of hard bone or when you cut vegetables, they still hold firmly on your hands.

#6 Dexter Russell S1128PCP Sani-Safe Cutlery – 8″ Butchers Knife

Founded in 1818, Dexter-Russell aims to provide high quality cutlery and kitchenware to customers. Now, they are the oldest kitchen knife manufacturer in America.

With the success of creating a large array of specialized butcher knives for many regions in the world, they have made their names known by restaurants, fish processing establishments, meat shops and households, they are all in love with Dexter-Russell products.

This product is made from Dexter-Russell’s exclusive steel. This is the type of carbon steel, with the main component of stainless steel and carbon, is refined with special techniques and manufactured with sharp, durable blades. This is a product that meets the criteria of a professional kitchen knife because it is not stained, rusty and easy to store.

The handle is woven with soft polypropylene fiber to make the surface smooth, sharp, non-slip, water-absorbent, and tight-fitting, heat-resistant over 120 degrees Celsius and cold under 0 degrees Celsius. It is also safe to use in dishwasher or disinfection in a pot of boiling water. Plastic handle are perfectly sealed to the steel rolling part of the blade, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

The weight between the blade and the handle is accurately calculated to help users can cut in the balance, safe and comfort way.

This is a professional butcher knife, meeting the demand of regular and continuous use in commercial kitchen area.

#7 Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife

The knives for German professional cookers often have a thick blade and a heavy handle. Western chefs such as France use knives to cut the whole meat load or large bone as traditional Western dishes include a barbecue, both pork ribs and sheep.

Japanese knives are completely opposite. From the body to the handle are very light and comfortable, and extremely sharp. Talking about the sharpness of the knife, there’s really no knife to cross the Japanese knife.

This product of Yoshihiro has a special design with delicate station patterns on the blade, on the one hand to impress customers, on the other hand helps reduce friction and keeps food away from sticking to the blade

The highlight of Yoshihiro butcher knife is the shape of the blade. Just only side of the blade is sharpened. In particular, the blade is sharpened on the out side. That means when used, the blade will not hurt the hand of the user. This unique structure helps housewives and chefs easily separate the meat from the bone without any worry about cut their finger.


For cooker, commercial butcher knives are always one of the most essential and multi-functional tools. However, how to choose the right type of butcher knife, how to use it and how to preserve it is more difficult than you think. So research carefully before you buy so you can find the right type you need. A good butcher knife is not necessarily the most expensive one, but a good butcher knife is a knife that performs its function properly.

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