Best commercial ice machine(reviews 2019) – 5 choose will make you happy

If your beverage business has a clear and long-term orientation, make sure you have an ice maker to actively produce your own delicate ice. With the high development of technology today, a quality ice maker with a small size like a refrigerator can provide a sufficient amount of clean ice cubes for a large restaurant.

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What is more amazing than you find the best commercial block ice maker that is suitable for the needs of the business, while ensuring the quality and safety of finished products and saving you the maximum operating cost.

Finding the right ice machine for your business depends on what you do business and serve customers.

The detailed analysis information below helps you choose which ice machine is the best and most suitable for your business investment scale.

What is commercial ice machine?

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Commercial ice making machines are ice making equipment and reserve ice in commercial kitchens. The commercial ice machine can produce a huge amount of ice up to several tons / day to serve the needs of eating, chilling seafood for hotel restaurants or serving the needs of the business.

Commercial ice making machine is designed to create high quality ice. Regular cleaning and water purification is necessary to maintain the quality of the ice and ensure the taste.

Do you notice that the consumption of ice cubes is going increase? The peak of the time period begins in the summer from April to July. Especially during the last 2, 3 years due to climate change, summer tends to last longer. Therefore, choosing a suitable ice making machine is more important than ever.

The importance of commercial ice making machines

In restaurants or cafes, to serve the needs of large refreshments, the investment in ice making machines is really necessary, not only more cost-effective than when buying ice outside but ensuring food hygiene and safety. Especially the ice in the market is now seriously affecting the health of consumers. Buy a suitable ice maker to make sure you have the type of ice you need and don’t run out of ice during operation.

What is the difference between types of ice machines?

There are different types of ice making machines, each of which creates a different type of ice, such as ice cubes for beer, coffee or milk tea, which have different shapes and sizes to suit the taste and texture. Flake ice used to preserve seafood; Block ice for ice business or need to be transported far away, and many other types.

Each type has different benefits. Determining the main purpose of use can help you choose the type of ice you want and choose the right ice machine.

If you are serving customers with ice drinks, refreshments, or packaging for sale or distribution of refreshing ice, then you may need a tube ice machine or a commercial grade ice shaver. This type of machine is the perfect choice for bars, restaurants and commercial ice packing facilities. These ice making machines make ice cubes with a very high ratio of pure water in ice, creating long-lasting and beautiful ices like crystals, which do not lighten the taste of drinks but contributing to the decoration of beverages. Efficiency also increases because there is no need to use a lot of ice for a drink.

If you do business in a bar or a high-class restaurant, when the art of presenting drinks is considered as the key of this luxury business, you should consider a gourmet decorative ice machine. The ratio of pure water in perfect ice creates beautiful, hard, long- lasting and transparent. These ices alsso last long that they do not lighten the taste of drinks, beautiful form is also a factor that helps this kind of ice score points for users.

Another good option for bar, milk tea shop or restaurant dealers is that flat cube ice (half dice ice) maker. These kinds of ice cubes are found in many bars, restaurants and convenience stores for self-service drinks. Half dice ice cubes are ideal for soft drinks, iced tea, milk tea, coffee and fruit juices bussiness because it can adds a lot to a glass of drinks without melting quickly.

If you are a business that provides chilled food for a buffet restaurant, or you need ice to presrve your food, do not miss the block ice machine. This is also the most basic ice, which helps you to shape and form other ices with the cheapest price. Choosing the right type of ice machine is the key to success, the right kind of machine will depend on the exact type of business you own and the type of food or drink you are serving. There are many manufacturers of ice machines with different types of ice products that can meet your needs as a business.

How to choose the best ice machine?

Ice machine is one of the most important devices for the business. Currently on the market there are many types of ice making machines rich in style and price, making consumers unable to make the best choice. So, let’s find out the right criteria to choose the best ice making machine.

#1 Capable to create ice in a short time

This is the main and important feature that consumers should take note first when choosing a commercial ice machine. Depending on the capacity and speed of each type of machine, the time to create ice is also different. On average, it takes less than 40 minutes to create a block ice and less than 20 minutes to create a cube ice.

So you should choose a machine with quick freezing time to meet the demand in the shortest time.

#2 Runs smoothly, easy to use and operate

Commercial ice machine must ensure that no noise will be generated when running. Operation of the machine must be simple. Anyone can use the machine to make ice. You just need to select the function key on the display screen and the remaining work will be done automatically. In some types of high-end ice machine, there is also the alarm mode of running out of water and full automatic ice alarm.

#3 Save electricity and cost

Modern ice machine must have smart design, save electricity because electrical appliances often consume a lot of electricity. Because of the high cost of electricity, it is necessary to choose a machine with new technology and can save electricity. It helps your bussiness reduce a significant amount of electricity bills.

A good ice making machine does not mean that its price must be high. You can choose a machine that fits your bussiness’s economic conditions.

#4 Suitable capacity and size

Before buying ice machine, carefully calculate the demand and purpose of use. You should choose to buy machines that can be easily dismantled and cleaned because this will ensure the ice is safe for everyone’s health.

You also should measure the size of the machine carefully to choose a machine that is suitable for the space. Choose a machine that does not occupy much space and is easy to install and move.

Buy a large capacity ice machine or store too much ice when the machine stops making ice, you will have too much redundancy. Old ice cubes can be a breeding ground for bacteria if it is in a container for too long. Adding new ices also makes cleaning take longer time. If you have too few ices produced or stored, you may be short of ice in the middle of a working day. This can make your customers unhappy.

The rule of heart is to choose ice machine that has 20% more ice output per day than your daily use. The container must be large enough to hold enough ice for all 2 meals or enough for use during the peak period plus 20%, whichever is higher.

#5 Select brand with good warranty, maintenance and after-sales regime

Currently on the market, there are many ice machine products of different origins: Taiwan, Russia, Japan, and even brands from Europe. However, in addition to choosing brands, users should also find reputable addresses, distribution centers and quality assurance as one of the top requirements.

In addition, the selection of reputable and quality ice making machines can easily replace components from genuine production units without users having to worry about replacing fake goods.

You should choose the ice machine of famous brands in the market because they often have a clear origin. It is best to choose the ice making machine with ISO quality certification. Check counterfeit anti-counterfeit stamps for distribution or certification of genuine distribution agents.

Before buying, you should also consult the shipping and installation policy. Along the warranty, maintenance, promotion mode of suppliers.

This is important to select reputable ice machine brands along with the quality and price comparisons, and the long-term maintenance warranty that a reputable brand accompanies with you.

It can be said that in addition to the quality standards of the product line, users should also focus on the cost of the product. Specifically, users who want to buy a quality product line should consult prices in many distribution units as well as refer to warranty policies, customer care services, etc. to be able to purchase product lines which has best quality and affordable price.

Best commercial ice machine 2019

The above is our share when you buy pure, quality ice machine. Based on the above criteria, we have made the best commercial ice machines reviews which are avaiable on the market. Let’s jump into it!

#1 Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Air Condensing Unit Pearl Self-Contained Ice Machine

Ice-O-Matic is the world’s leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier of ice machines. The company offers ice cube products, flake ice makers or as patented Pearl Ice ice maker, the company also offers high quality pitchers and ice dispenser.

Ice-O-Matic ice making machines are popular all over the world, so we can be assured of the quality of products when choosing. Another highlight of the company is located in the service department as well as installation services that are always accompanied by customers at all times. Their services include installation and customer service network. This responsive service network will have internationally recognized technical experts, so as long as customers own Ice-O-Matic ice maker, the company will maintain it for customers. .

This ice maker is designed as a mini fridge, luxurious design suitable for space in restaurants or cafes. With a height of 33.4 inches and a volume of about 133 pounds, you can move the machine quite easily, and they can easily be placed in the space under the kitchen shelf.

The plus point of this machine is the fast ice making time, the large ice storage compartment can contain enough ice for you to use all day. Pearl ices are made with very nice size and shape, and they are quite long-lasting, so you can be satisfied with their appearance and use.

However, the minus point of this product is the high price. With monthly power consumption and the amount of money you have to spend to buy an commercial ice machine, you need to use a huge money for your bussiness.

#2 Scotsman CU50GA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker

With its origins in Italy, the Scotsman ice machine line is dominant in the market by super attractive prices, along with a series of great advantages. With a compact size, easy to use, very suitable for the hotel, restaurant, family, business ice drink, etc. Scotsman pure ice making machine is the perfect choice for customers.

Scotsman machine is built with long-lasting stainless steel frame, easy to clean and hygienic. Store large amounts of ice and allow quick and easy cleaning.

Scotsman CU50GA-1A has ice containers with a storage capacity of 50 kg and daily production of up to 20kg to 130 kg of ice cubes. All are available, thanks to a reduced overall height. Just place where you need and where you want. This is the new standard ice making machine of the Scotsman ice maker. All machine features, from overall design to easy operation and maintenance, have been optimized to make the ice become the simplest thing.

The machine is designed in mass form, making the transportation process convenient to install. If it is necessary to replace maintenance extremely easily, simply remove components that need maintenance and install replacement equipment.

The machine uses advanced technology that allows to freezed ice very fast. Time to produce a batch of flake ice finished products from 30 to 40 minutes / batch.

Although the price is lower than the Ice-O-Matic’s product, this machine is considered to be in the high segment, so customers should consider carefully before investing in your business.

#3 Hoshizaki KM-520MAJ, 556 Lbs Ice/24Hr, Crescent Cube Ice Machine

Hoshizaki is one of the leading manufacturers of cooling and freezing technology with the most advanced technology, Hoshizaki’s ice machine operates smoothly and high performance, especially the superior durability compared to other ones. The model in the market, which is also the factor that makes the success of this brand from Japan grow stronger all over the world.

Hoshizaki ice making machine is a production line of ice cubes which is designed with compact size, good quality, stable operation and durable quality, so it brings high performance to customers. The ice maker is energy-efficient, easy to operate, especially cost-effective that you need to put it on the priority list.

Hoshizaki KM-520MAJ is a commercial ice maker with good cooling system and quick ice making to meet users’ needs. Industrial ice making machine is used in combination with the most advanced water filtration lines to bring safety to users.

The majority of this machine’s surfaces using durable stainless steel materials give the machine a luxurious design, while also making sure to protect the machine parts. Metal materials also contribute to making the heat dissipation process more convenient. All border details are smoothed to avoid the situation we accidentally brushed on. With the perfect insulation of the ice storage cabin, it will help the ice to store well and prevent melting. The temperature system displayed with LED lights helps us to identify the working state of the machine.

The ice making process of this ice making machine is completely self-contained and fully automatic to help the machine run smoothly and minimize noise when the machine operates.

With effective and safe disinfection technology, it ensures hygienic conditions and does not affect human health. The filter system is designed according to modern trends, making it easy to install and use.

#4 COSTWAY Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker

If you are looking for a freestanding ice making machine that can be combined with any type of furniture, don’t miss the Costway ice maker. Although a bit smaller than the products I introduced earlier, the Costway ice maker is still a worthy design for a professional ice maker, and that makes it a among the best commercial ice makers in the international market today.

This commercial ice machine is made of stainless steel combined with ABS plastic odorless, colorless and not harmful to human health. It is designed with a LED display in front to increase convenience and hygiene for users. This product also has an antibacterial layer, which contributes to preventing bacterial growth and ensuring food hygiene and safety.This is the most important factor in the beverage business.

This product can produce 58 pounds of ice in one day. And it is worth mentioning here that it will automatically work when it is connected to the water source, as it is able to stop ice making when the ice container is full and then switch to storage mode. This is a wise choice for those who sell drinks as well as it suitable for restaurants, hotels or bars.

#5 USzon Built-In Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker Portable Ice Machine Restaurant

Costzon is probably no longer a strange name in the market. This is a brand that produces a variety of products with stable quality and reasonable price. So Costzon’s ice maker also won the trust of customers around the world about its products.

This is considered the most versatile commercial ice machine on the market with much cheaper prices than other existing brands. Although the price is cheap, what this ice maker gives the user is very satisfied, it meets all the need for a commercial ice machine.

USzon Built-In Stainless Steel is a medium sized commercial ice machine, weighing only 63.3 pounds, suitable for any space including under the kitchen counter. It has a capacity of 200W and is capable of producing 110 pounds of ice in one day. With a freestanding form and large storage compartment, this machine can confidently hold 33 pounds of ice cubes at a time. So they can provide enough pure ice for your business.

In addition, the machine is made from stainless steel to help the life of the machine can last longer than the design from plastic. Moreover, they also create a luxurious and glossy appearance for your business area.

This ice maker is fully automatic, producing perfect and long-lasting ice cubes. It only takes about 12 minutes to 18 minutes to freeze ice. So it can provide a large amount of stone for you in a short time.


For a beverage business, a restaurant, a bar, etc., customer satisfaction is the key to success. If you can not satisfy your customers with your product, then your business will be difficult. Imagine what it would be happend on a hot summer day when you do not have enough ice to make drinks for customers. That’s why you should take care of the smallest things to make your work more fluent. So take not what we made in this article about how to choose the best commercial ice machine so you can choose the most suitable products for your business.

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