Best Commercial Knife Sharpener(Review 2019) – What should be noted before buying a knife sharpener?

Currently a problem that most of the chefs or housewives are very interested in is the tools of cutlery in the kitchen. Cutlery tools always play an extremely important and indispensable role in every kitchen, but after a period of use these tools will deteriorate and no longer have the same sharpness, making cutting raw material is no longer effective.

Therefore, the solution is smart knife sharpener. But to choose for you the best commercial knife sharpener is not everyone knows.

Therefore in this article, we will selectively select the most useful information for users.

What is a knife sharpener?

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Knife sharpeners are an essential tool for every cooker to make sure that the sharpness of the knife makes it easier for them to cook. Besides, the feature of the knife sharpener is very simple and easy to use, providing maximum convenience for all kitchens.

The capacity of the knife sharpener is appropriate to use many different types of cutlery. At the same time, the knife grinder can integrate transformer and protection function when overloaded. In just a few minutes the knife on the kitchen shelf of the table from a blunt knife will become brighter and sharper.

What’s special about the knife sharpener?

Basically to evaluate a good knife sharpener just look at the design and material, users can immediately identify its structure. Normally, the outer shell and the hard frame must be made of ABS or PVC material is standard, because the best line of knife sharpeners today are made of two high quality materials.

Next is the material in the blade grinding section is an outer shell covering artificial hard diamonds, plus the accompanying stones to help the knife grinding process be operated smoothly.

What are the benefits of knife sharpeners?

Here we will list some of the advantages that commercial knife sharpeners can bring to you.

#1 Save time

As we mentioned above, the use of knife sharpener will bring more efficiency, thereby saving a lot of time.

Imagine seeing a knife that is already very blunt, rusty and has not sharpened it for a long time, you use manual tools like grindstones (we do not say the grinding stone is ineffective because there has some Japanese grinding stones are very good use) for sharpened knife will take a lot of time..

Not only is it not highly effective, it also causes unreasonable injuries due to improper work or friction.

#2 Economic savings

Why are we talking about economic issues here, because today to buy a good knife, or a quality but affordable scissors is not easy, not to mention the types of counterfeit goods with poor quality.

Therefore, using a sharpener like you have just bought a new knife (it may not be as good as you bought it but it is also very good), also known as reuse.

What are the factors that a good knife sharpener needs?

So you are clear about the benefits of using a knife sharpener already, next you will come with us to see the selection of a quality product that needs what criteria.

#1 Safe material

Knife sharpener material affects quite a lot to its durability and quality. Currently, most knife sharpeners use material of PVC or ABS plastic and stainless steel or covered with super durable diamond in grinding parts. These are safe materials that you should look for in a knife sharpener.

In addition, there are additional grinding stones.

#2 Function

Knife sharpening machine of course has the main function of sharpening knives, however some types of versatile grinding machines now also possess many more great features such as: sharpening knife blade, groove blade, grinding scissors, especially polished brighten. A common tool is only used to turn a blunt knife back into a usable state, but a good tool can also be repaired and polished.

#3 Suitable for the type of knife in use

Even though many types of knife sharpener at the moment are very versatile, you need to consider the option to suit the type of knife that your commercial kitchen is using.

Example: Almost every type of knife sharpener you can use to sharpen straight blades, but not many machines can be used to sharpen the saw blade.

And according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, each type of knife sharpener should only be used with a corresponding type of knife to avoid using the wrong function will not be effective.

#4 Guarantee

For knife sharpener, there is usually the longest, highest warranty period of about 6 months with electric grinders and sometimes does not support cover with battery machines. However, 6 months is also too high for low cost products.

But for knife grinders with a higher price, you should also pay attention to the warranty period as well as the warranty to bring the best experience.

What should be noted before buying a knife sharpener?

#1 What kind of knives does your house have?

Every knife sharpener can work with straight blades, but only a few can sharpen the serrated knives (waveform blades). However, these knives are more worn than straight blades so you may not need this capability if your serrated knife type is not used frequently.

However, not all sharpening tools can be sharpened with specialized knives, scissors or Asian-style knives with narrower blades than standard kitchen knives. If you want to sharpen these blades, find a knife sharpener designed specifically for them.

#2 How patient are you?

The electric knife sharpener will of course complete the job faster than the manual type. They are also easy to use, while many manual tools take some time to master. For example, there are many reviews praising the sharpening of stone and water that will make the blade sharper and smoother, but in order to achieve this you need to have a firm hand and also have to practice a lot more.

#3 How much space do you have for tool sharpening?

Most hand grinding tools are small enough to fit in the kitchen cabinet. On the other hand, electrical devices use a more significant space.

#4 How much are you willing to spend?

Manual sharpening tools are usually cheaper than those used for electricity and the operating cost is also less.

#5 Does the noise bother you?

Some electric knife sharpeners can cause noise. In addition, the sound of the motor plus the friction of the blade and the grinding wheel will make people uncomfortable. All household electrical appliances when operating all generate noise no matter how big or small, with the knife sharpeners is also inevitable.

Especially when the metal bars friction together will produce unpleasant sounds, you can only restrict by choosing to buy the machines with the appropriate sound level specified in the introduction of the manufacture.

#6 Are you left-handed?

Currently on the market there are knife sharpeners designed exclusively for right-handed people and there are also versions for left-handed people. So you should keep in mind these types of machines, the rest are all sharpening machines which can works well with both hands.

#7 How much do your knives cost?

Many knife sharpeners, including manual and electric, can sharpen and reduce the life span of the blade. It is likely that the knife will be bent or chipped. So, if you use expensive knives and want to preserve them for a long time, choose tools that sharpen the knife gently with metal.

#8 What is your demand?

The demand for each person is different, so it will be very diverse. There are many people who want to use a variety of blade types such as saw blades, straight blades, but do not want to use a separate grinder for each type of knife. It is recommended that you better use a type of multifunction.

The demand for family kitchen wants to improve the sharpness of the knife you should choose the knife sharpener with the price not too high, the average segment.

With the demand of professional kitchen with the demand for work, it is always necessary to have the speed and efficiency of continuous use with high capacity. You can choose a good knife sharpener in the high-end segment with a slightly higher price.

Top 4 Best Commercial Knife Sharpener 2019

#1 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener

Swifty Sharp knife sharpener helps you turn old, sharp-edged knives and scissors into new sharpness so it is considered to be a good quality cheap product that is used today.

This tool helps to restore the blade surface and any tool only in short seconds.

Not only that, using the Swifty Sharp knife sharpener is very simple, you just need to press the power button, insert the blade into the slot according to the instructions to sharpen and will restore your favorite knife. Swifty Sharp helps to keep the blade in perfect angle while the high-speed wheel rotates to sharpen the blades, restoring the sharpness on its blade.

First, the machine has the advantage of equipped with handy cutting trays to catch debris and chips in the process of sharpening the knife so that you can clean more simply, tiny sharp objects do not stick to food.

This is an indispensable tool for every kitchen to sharpen all commercial kitchen knives from chef knife, clever, bone and fish knife, etc. Not only sharpen the knife but also sharpen all types of scissors and screwdrivers.

This type of knife sharpener is simply designed, suitable for every kitchen space and very easy to use.

The body is made of plastic combined with stainless steel with a simple grinding wheel and the control circuit is very light and convenient.

The machine has the advantage of grinding all types of knives, scissors with different sizes with the fastest time and the safest use. Only 4 – 6 seconds, you have a new cutlery for the best use.

Swifty Sharp does not use electricity but uses 4 batteries so it is extremely economical for your kitchen. With this product you will have a great safety device, compact and accurate grinding tool for only very low prices.

Because the product is made of plastic, the time of use will not be long and not durable because the plastic that is sticky with water will be very quickly damaged. The device runs on battery, so when you buy it will not be covered by the warranty.

#2 Chef’sChoice 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station for Straight and Serrated Knives

This is the chef’s choice commercial knife sharpener that you are looking for. The machine is manufactured in USA so you can be assured of quality as well as origin.

This machine has the ability to grind a variety of knives of different sizes from chef knife, clever to bread knife. The grindstone is coated with artificial diamond, so it is very hard and durable, so it can ensure a long life span compared to many other machines.

Outer material is made of stainless steel with high durability and easy to clean. The grinding blades are arranged appropriately to create precision during grinding, combined with the rigid stand to create high stability.

With an easy-to-use operation and a warranty of up to 3 years, this deserves a long-term investment in a premium product in your commercial kitchen.

#3 Chef’ Sharpener – Kitchen Knife Sharpener CS-T01 3-Stage Diamond Tungsten Ceramic Knife Sharpening Tool

If you’re looking for a sturdy and durable commercial grade electric knife, don’t miss this Chef’s Sharpener product. With 3 stages of knife sharpening, the machine will sharpened and return you a knife with the most satisfactory sharpeness in a short time.

This knife sharpener has a very heavy and rugged design. It is made of solid ABS plastic and has a stainless steel case, so you don’t have to worry about durability or longevity at all. Especially with high quality materials, it is also very easy to clean that you can save time to do other jobs.

Especially at the base of this grinding machine, there are two patches (quite like silicon) that work to fix the machine on the kitchen shelf, preventing the slip leading to unexpected accidents during the process of grinding.

With this machine, the blade must undergo three grinding stages including rough diamond dust bars to fix knives, tungsten carbide blades and finally ceramic rods for polishing. With just a few turns of knives and passes in each stage, you can own a knife with a sharpness and gloss like new.

Have you ever used a ceramic bowl to sharpen a knife? The ceramic bowl base is a tool for creating sharpness as well as gloss for the knife, but if you are not careful you will break the bowl as well as take a lot of time to sharpen the knife to the point you want. With this machine, it has the same effect but helps shorten time and effort.

At competitive prices, you can own a knife sharpener that can grind many different knives. However, they are quite small in size so you should be careful when grinding large sized knives like clevers.

#4 Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

If you wonder which commercial electric knife sharpener has the most efficient knife sharpening system, then the answer is Work Sharp’s knife sharpener. This is probably the most perfect knife sharpening system on the market today at a reasonable price.

This product of Work Sharp allows you to sharpen any type of knife and scissors in the kitchen as well as many other tools such as shovels. It also allows you to sharpen knives at any angle to suit each type of knife and tool, making your sharpening work easier.

Besides, this product has 9 belts in 3 different levels to suit each type of tool. For example, rough belts for thick, medium for kitchen knives and good for grinding blades. So you don’t need to worry about belt movements affecting the quality of the knife.

This product is extremely effective with very blunt knives and severe damage. When you use coarse loops, they will easily remove the patina on the knife and tools with thick blades, but you should not use it too many times to wear the knife.

This product deserves great sharpness, bringing new sharpness knives and tools, not just any type of knife sharpener. So this is definitely a great investment both in money and time.

However, because the device has only one speed, it is difficult to control them. Besides, you need to know the exact angle to sharpen the knife because otherwise it will scratch your knife. So it’s best to get used to the old and inexpensive, less used knives, until you get used to the way it works.


The above is a review of the best commercial knife sharpener that users can refer to experience information. Hopefully, with the above-mentioned knowledgeable experience, users will surely know how to choose for themselves the most suitable tool for grinding knives in the commercial kitchen.

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