Best Commercial Meat Slicer(Review 2019) – 7 factors that will make you happy with meat slicers

If you are organizing a party for your friends or relatives or if you have a big family, it is a burden to cut meat, cheese and other food. It takes a lot of time as well as a lot of effort on your work. But if you have a meat slicer at home, you can save yourself from the burden and ease of eating your food anytime at home. You can even use it for your daily purposes for slicing as well as grinding meat.

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Today, when technology is constantly developing, modern machinery and equipment have gradually crept into daily life, effectively replacing manual labor, especially in the culinary field. The meat commercial slicer is one of these modern machines acting as an effective player of restaurants and eateries because of its ease of use, saving labor in production as well as producing evenly and beautifully meat slices.

Fresh meat slicer is a modern and effective meat cutting method that is being used by many restaurants, hotels or households. To reduce the cost of hiring people as well as saving time in preparing and cleaning up. Many restaurant owners now use meat slicers to slice fresh beef and pork. Advantages when cutting with that machine are the meat will be quick, thin slices, beautiful and hygienic.

What is commercial meat slicer?

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Meat slicers are used for cutting and crushing meat, cheese, nuts, etc. often used in meat shops and restaurants. It consists of a very sharp blade that rotates at a very high speed. Meat slicers are fully automatic, easy to access and safe to use anywhere. Meat slicers have become an important part of today’s kitchen because it works very well.

Meat slicers are a good example of technology application in life. From family kitchens, eateries, meat shops to industrial kitchens in offices, factories, hospitals, schools … All of them use meat slicers to cut meat automatically and to save time. The meat slicer has many lines ranging from raw meat to frozen meat. All are fully automated and the productivity can be 3 to 4 times higher than the manual labor.

It can cut a large amount of meat, cheese and nuts in a very short time. Usually, it has been used commercially but after realizing the benefits it offers it has become a part of every kitchen. After receiving a huge response from everyone, there are many types of designs and shapes that have been launched in the market.

Why do you have to buy meat slicers?

Meat slicers have become a mandatory device for your kitchen because of its incredible work. It slices and grinds meat, cheese, fish and even nuts and vegetables effectively. It saves your time as well as saves you from injury as it is an automated machine. Here are few reasons why you must have a meat slicer in your kitchen.

#1 Slice a large amount of meat

Meat slicers allow you to slice a large amount of meat in a very short time. If you own a restaurant or a meat shop, you will need to have a larger one that can hold about 10,000 pounds of meat per hour. With such productivity, a slicing machine can equal 7 to10 manual slices of meat by hand. But if you just use it at home then you can find a small one. The price mainly depends on the size of the slicing machine.

#2 Less time is needed

This is a very important factor for a production and business establishment. Using meat slicers saves you up to 90% of the time, a figure worth considering.

In addition to the fact that the meat slicer slices a large amount of meat, it takes a little time to do so. It takes a minute or less to slice the meat in once. You can set the length and thickness according to your wishes and it exactly gives you the same what you expected.

#3 Perfect slices

If you’ve ever sliced meat with your hands you may find it difficult to maintain stability in size. Meat slicers give you the perfect shape and size you want. It maintains consistency in each piece and each piece is the same. No matter what you are cutting, it will give you all pieces with same size and thickness.

Compared to slice meat by hand making them crumbled, pieces of irregular size (thick pieces and thin pieces), meat slicers produce evenly sliced meat. It is thanks to the sharp and intertwined blade design. Fresh meat slicers are capable of slicing large pieces of meat, as long as it fits into the machine, the phenomenon of meat stucking in is almost absent from this commercial machine.

#4 Safe to use

Meat slicer has been launched with an advanced feature that is not harmful to your fingers. Manufacturers have tried to make it safe in every way, changing every part that could hurt you into the safe mode. You just need to put the meat into the feeder and then take out the slices after working. You must follow some safety measures and do not touch the tongue, pinpoint or any internal parts that may be harmful to you.

#5 Save money

Buying sliced pieces of foods cost more than you slice them by yourself. Instead of spending more money every day on buying sliced products, you can make a one-time investment in commercial food slicer and save extra costs for a long time. You can even get sliced products at any time in your home. And you will get fresh food sliced in whatever you want.

Moreover, the cost to buy a machine is only equal to rent workers. And when you have the device, you will save the cost of renting 6 to 9 workers who slice meat by hand.

What factors should be taken before buying a meat slicer?

#1 Cost:

A high-priced commercial meat slicer usually has a large capacity motor, can work relentlessly for a long time and is often large in size so it is easy to cut many foods. These machines often have long shef life because they are usually made of good materials and equipped with special features. But if you do not need to use it regularly, you can buy smaller commercial slicers with lower prices.

#2 Speed and capacity:

High-powered meat slicers will help cut food faster and more efficiently. The capacity of meat slicers includes light, medium and heavy- duty. You can rely on the need to choose the meat slicer accordingly. On the market today there are mini-types with a capacity of about 20kg / day usually for home use, commercial types have medium yield range of about 30-60 kg / hour and large with productivity of about 100-150kg / hour.

#3 Durability:

Of course no one wants to invest in a meat slicer which has low durabily and must be repaired after a few months of use. Therefore high-priced samples are often those with longer durability and can be used stably for a long time. But you also cannot completely rely on the price to judge the best commercial meat slicer. The most expensive meat slicer doesn’t mean it’s the best and most durable.

Always check the product specifications and consult previous customer reviews to make the smartest choice. And a little note for you is to choose stainless steel slicers instead of plastic slicers, because they are more durable than those made of plastic.

#4 Size:

Size is also an important factor that you should consider before buying a meat slicer. First consider the space you intend to put the meat slicer. If the space is large enough, there is no problem, but if it is a narrow space, then measure the size carefully before buying.

The second thing you must consider when buying that is to choose the size of the meat slicer depending on your usage frequency. If you only use them a few times a week, choose smaller ones. On the other hand, if the usage frequency is high, choosing a large-sized machine will be a smart choice. Because large machines can operate more power and speed than small machines.

#5 The blade:

The fresh meat slicer has a blade-removing machine and a fixed blade type. Different sets of blades also give different cutting lengths of 2 mm – 2.5 mm – 3.5 mm – 5 mm. The fixed type will be more durable and offer higher productivity, while the blade- moving type will be easier to clean and the slices will be more diverse. So choose a device that suits the purpose and needs to make the best choice. Besides, in case the blade is malfunctioning, you need to be aware of the available blades for replacement.

#6 Safe:

Meat slicers often have very sharp blades that operate at high speeds, so be careful when operating them. Always follow the safety rules when operating and read the user guide for more safe operation and helpful tips. In addition, choose the ones with safety features and carefully designed blades so as not to hurt users.

#7 Warranty and repair:

This is an important criterion that you should not ignore when choosing to buy meat slicers. You need to choose a unit with warranty service with fast speed, overcome the error effectively and the price is not too high. With fresh meat slicers, there are often errors about blades or engines that require the repairer to have high expertise to be able to handle. Do not repair by yourself if you do not have the expertise to avoid future troubles on the warranty.

How to use the meat slicer properly?

Step 1: Before using, you need to clean the machine

You use dishwashing liquid mixed with water in a shift, then turn on the machine, at the bottom of the output position of the device you put a basin to catch water then you use diluted dishwashing liquid pour into the working blade. Do it over and over again so that the blades can be cleaned off the oil or any dirt that still sticks to the blade.

After that, use clean water to rinse over many times to clean the dishwashing liquid which is still on the blade.

Step 2: Slice meat.

After you have cleaned the machine properly, you use a knife to cut meat into smaller pieces so that it can fit when put through the machine. The parts of the meat slices should be moderate and not too small to prevent the meat from crumbling.

Step 3: Clean the machine

After you have finished slicing meat, you should wash and clean the machine, note that you should dry the machine after cleaisng. It is best move, because the blade of the meat slicer is made of wind steel, so it is easy to rust. This is very important work to keep the blades sharp and work efficiently.

Important notes when using commercial meat slicers

When using commercial meat products, do not leave the device in a damp place, keep out of reach of children to avoid danger.

Before the machine runs, please observe carefully, because the blades are very sharp so be careful when the machine is running, do not do other things while operating the machine.

Do not put hard or very tough foods into the slicer such things as: bone, fat, cooked meat, pig ears, etc. as this may damage the blade or stick in the machine. For frozen meat slicers, food that has just been taken from the freezer should dissolve the ice outside to make sure the blade is not affected by the quality.

Place the machine firmly, avoiding the situation that the machine is operating causing a spill or vibration.

How to clean fresh meat slicers properly?

Prepare 2 sprays: A dishwashing liquid spray and one of clean water.

Start cleaning the blades: turn on the machine, at the bottom of the output position of the device you put a basin to catch the water, use a spray of water to spray the parts inside the blades. Then reinstall. Notice that the distance between the two blades has a comb in the middle.

After cleaning the blade part, start cleaning the meat tray.

Use a towel to dry all parts of the machine, lubricate the body and engine of the machine.

Leave in a dry place after cleaning.

How to preserve commercial meat slicers?

Place the meat slicer in a cool, dry place, avoid damp places.

If you do not use the machine for a long time, remove the comb of the meat slicer and then clean it and place in a cool place. The blade part needs to be thoroughly cleaned, make sure there is no room for any flesh.

If the blade of the meat slicer is not used for a long time, rust will appear. Now you just need to cut a peeled pineapple in half then put it in the meat slicer. Pineapple will help the blade sharpen again and improve the rust. Besides pineapple, you can also use acidic fruits such as lemon, passion fruit or kumquat to clean the blade.

Best commercial meat slicer 2019

#1 KWS Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10″

KWS 10” commercial meat slicer is a semi-automatic frozen meat slicer designed specifically for commercial use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, butcher shops, farms, and even used in the family kitchen.

The machine is designed compact, beautiful, creating luxury for every commercial kitchen space. The machine is made of all aluminum alloy anti-rust, makes the machine more durable and less corrosive, aluminum surface is luxurious and easy to clean. With aluminum, it is very convenient to move. The overall machine is quite compact, does not occupy much kitchen sapce

High- quality blade made of stainless steel, this semi-automatic commercial blade is specially designed to be very sharp, with 320W capacity which is suitable for cutting meat, vegetables, fruits, or even used as a commercial cheese slicer. It works very smoothly, quickly and easily to 0.4 ″ thick in large quantities of meat in short time.

This commercial meat slicer also provides a built-in grinding ring and protective pads for the blade, more convenient to keep a sharp edge on the blade and safer to use.

Unlike some carbon steel blades on the market which has a shorter life span and more susceptible to oxidation or removal. The high- quality 304 stainless steel blade of this machine can resists rust, is stronger and more durable, it provides precision during cutting, as well as various thickness adjustments.

The meat tray of this meat slicer is placed at a tilt angle which makes it easier to clean. It can be said that this is the most special feauture of KWS products and many customers are satisfied with it.

#2 Giantex 10″ Blade Commercial Meat Slicer

This commercial meat slicer of Giantex is rated as the best meat slicer based on budget criteria. With less than $ 300, you can own a fully functional and smooth meat slicer.

A special feature of this machine that everyone loves is the heat holes designed below the meat slicer tray. Therefore, it helps the machine not to overheat when operating continuously and dispersing heat unnecessarily.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a fixed push device to help you push meat or other food on a tray in a sanitary manner and make it easier to cut meat.

Waterproof ON / OFF switch, helps the machine to operate quickly and resist water damage. In addition, with friendly design, easy to use, any member can use them to cut meat or any food in the safest way.

However, the weakness of this product is that it cannot work well with large amounts of meat. So if you need to find a commercial meat slicer for family parties, this is a great option. With low cost, energy saving and compact design, this is the product that deserves to be the top priority list for households.

#3 BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Food Slicer Commercial

If you are looking for a commercial meat slicer with a carbon steel blade, this is the product for you. The carbon steel blades are known for their excellent sharpness. Especially, it does not need to be permanent usually but still retains its sharpness and durability over time. The blade of this machine is coated with a chrome layer to help it improve the inherent sharpness and durability. So this is the strong point to attract customers of this BESWOOD 10″ commercial meat slicer.

With a compact design and rubber soles to prevent the meat slicer from slipping while it operating. To ensure safety, BESWOOD also designed a high-grade V-belt to reduce noise and vibration of the machine, to avoid unnecessary problems.

Compared to the two models reviewed above, this meat slicer can slice the thick meat. The sliced ​​meat has a thickness of 1- 12mm, suitable for steaks or BBQs.

In addition to the above features, this machine is extremely energy saving. This is also another bright spot of the product, helping you reduce cost of electricity bill at the end of the month significantly.

However, this slicer was criticized in terms of volume. This is not a light volume compared to a 10 ” commercial meat slicer. So it makes moving and cleaning become more difficult.

#4 Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

This is a product made in Italy that you will definitely add it to your priority list. If you are looking for the most durable commercial meat slicer, this is the product you need to find.

This high-end stainless steel commercial meat slicer will prevent any destruction of the environment that impacts it, can easily clean and prevent rust. So you absolutely do not have to worry that the meat slicer will rust after cleaning. Moreover, with its 1-year warranty, you can safely use the machine for a long time.

The meat after sliced has a thickness of 14mm for the minimum time. You can change the thickness of the meat thanks to the control knob on the body, to match your dishes.

A special feature of this machine is that it will not work without a commercial meat slicer cover with an interlock. So it can prevent the incident and the danger of sharp blades.

It is also equipped with a metal sharpener to ensure the best sharpness of the blade after use for a long time.

With a large meat tray, the machine can confidently satisfy customers when using. And they can also be cleaned easily to ensure food hygiene.


The above is the information and review of the best commercial meat slicers. Read and choose for yourself the best meat slicer based on the criteria we give. It can be said that the commercial meat slicer is a device that brings many benefits in today’s cooking work, not only saves time, effort, and safety for hands but also ensures the safety in food processing, helping to improve working efficiency and business as well as contributing to making life more and more developed.

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