Best Commercial Toaster(Review 2019) – How to choose a commercial toaster?

Bread is the main and indispensable part of every family’s meal, not only is it highly nutritious, but it’s also easy to prepare. Commercial toaster is a great assistant to help you save time as well as be able to bake delicious bread.

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Is the commercial toaster good? How to choose a good, high-performance commercial toaster with an affordable price is a question that many people care about.

Some of the following experiences in this article will partly answer to your questions

How to choose a commercial toaster?

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For a commercial toaster, you can easily bake sliced bread easily, especially for busy periods you have to serve bread to many people at the same time. Therefore, the need to use toaster increases.

Currently on the market there are many types of commercial toaster with different designs and prices. So how can you choose the best commercial toaster?

#1 Check the quantity and thickness of bread

The first point you need to keep in mind when choosing a commercial toaster is the quantity and thickness of bread that can be baked simultaneously. Most pop-up machines can bake four slices of bread at the same time, but some can only bake one slice of bread. If you live alone and usually only need a slice of bread, the machine with a single bread baking compartment will be more compact and suitable.

But for commercial purposes, you need a large amount of bread to bake at the same time, so you should choose at least the type of commercial 2 slice toaster to ensure the amount of bread to serve customers.

Besides, the thickness of bread should also be emphasized. Bread slices often have different thicknesses depending on the manufacturer. There was a loaf of bread cut into 10 slices, some are cut into 4 slices. Therefore, if you love thick slices of bread, you need to check the size of the grill slot to see how much it can bake to a bread thickness.

However, the thick bread toasters will have a grilling slot larger in size than normal ones, so consider the installation and storage space at your kitchen.

#2 Check out the useful frozen bread baking mode

The defrost bread and bake frozen bread function is not a must-have feature, but if the toaster has this feature it will more benefit. With frozen bread bake function, you won’t need to wait for bread to be cool down or to defrost.

Bread when stored in the freezer will taste better than at room temperature. However, if the frozen bread defrosted naturally, it may no longer yummy. Therefore, the toaster with a frozen grill will save you more time and effort.

Besides, with this convenient feature, you can buy a lot of bread and store it in the freezer for longer use. Even when you bake bread with an oven or make your own homemade bread, if you grill a lot without eating it all, the frozen grill will help you enjoy bread easily.

#3 Check the safety and prevent accidents

When baked, the bread will lift up, which makes the kids feel excited. However, you should also be aware that children are often hyperactive. Therefore, some types of toaster are designed to add child safe lock mode.

Basically you should put the device in a position where children cannot reach, but to avoid unfortunate accidents that can happened, you should choose a toaster with a safety lock.

#4 Lift- up feature

There are many types of commercial toaster that can only toast bread, but cannot toast other kind such as donuts or waffle. So you should choose a type of toaster that can toast other kind, so you can serve a variety of dishes in your restaurant.

Although you can use the microwave to warm different types of bread, but with the uplifting mode of toaster, the taste of bread is much better and much more convenient to use.

#5 Easy to clean

You should check whether the toaster components are removable or if they are easy to clean. In particular, with the type of oven also used to cook other dishes, so you need to care about this point.

You should also check if the bread tray can be removed easily so you can clean the breadcrumbs and clean it when necessary.

#6 Design

A beautiful style commercial toaster will be the bright spot for your kitchen. Many high-end toasters in recent times have a simple design in a minimalist style. This type is suitable for kitchen which in a minimalist style, or suitable for restaurant kitchen which do not need to decorate.

You can use the toaster with colorful pop colors like red, green to create outstanding accents for monochromatic kitchens.

If the kitchen space of your restaurant is small and already contains a lot of household electrical appliances, you should avoid selecting commercial toasters that are too bulky because it will occupy a lot of space in the kitchen.

A mini toaster with a compact size and luxurious design is something that one of you would like to own. Choosing toaster with dominant colors such as white, black or red will help create a highlight for the commercial kitchen space.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the components that make up the machine such as power source, baking tray, gear lift lever, control button, anti-slip brackets, etc. must also ensure the convenience and safety in terms of design during use.

#7 Quality of toast

Considering the quality of baked bread, we can classify them into two types: convection oven and rotating bread oven. With convection oven, convection fan will circulate hot air throughout the oven, helping baked bread to reach 95% quality. And the rotary kiln will rotate at high speed to help the food evenly exposed the heat, the bread is baked evenly and faster, giving 100% quality, suitable for large bakeries and commercial kitchen.

#8 Understand needs before buying

Before deciding to pay a price to own a toaster, you need to think carefully about whether you really need it or not. Cause sometimes you can take advantage of the versatile oven that is available in your commercial kitchen to bake bread.

Usually the need to use a toaster mainly comes from the fact that the family already has a oven but the oven has a large capacity, unable to adjust the temperature leading to the baking of the bread unsuccessful.

At this time, a specialized toaster will be the ultimate solution for you. With a stable and adjustable temperature, the toaster can produce crispy, golden and delicious bread batches.

Knowing the needs and the purpose of use will help you get better choices, do not follow the trend so that buying and not using them will cause you waste.

Choose Conveyor Toaster or Pop-Up Toaster?

There are two types of commercial toaster, which are toast slices that can pop up on themselves (Pop-up toaster) and oven types with normal baking compartments (Conveyor Toaster). Let’s compare each feature.

#1 Conveyor Toaster:

Not only toasting bread, this versatile toaster can be used to heat up, cook and bake various items such as pizzas, biscuits and pastries. If you want to use for many different uses, you can choose the conveyor toaster.

You can fully adjust the temperature and baking time. This helps you to control the quality of baked goods as desired, such as a little crunch or just a mild warming. In addition, the new type toaster also has the function of heating the bread without scorching the bread surface.

Recently, there is a high-class toaster using steam to make the bread soft inside and crispy outside.

#2 Pop- up Toaster:

The Pop-up toaster will place bread close to the heat source, so the bread will be toasted faster. Despite of busy time, you just need to put the bread in the slot and wait for it to bounce when ripe.

Basically, this toaster can only toast bread, but you can also toast croissants and rolls with a rack model. The product has a more compact size than a conveyor toaster, helping you save more space for the commercial kitchen.

What is the heating and cooking function of a conveyor toaster?

#1 Temperature control function

The temperature control function of the toaster has many different levels. There are categories divided into weak, medium and strong levels or divided by power (W). If you want to increase or decrease the temperature when toasting, you should choose a toaster that is capable of adjusting the temperature and capacity.

For conveyor toaster, the more functional the toaster is, the more foods you can toast. If you follow the specified temperature, make sure you never damage items such as pizza or baked cheese.

#2 Infrared oven can heat from inside

There are currently two types of toaster: electric and infrared. If the electric toaster heats the bread from the outside, the infrared one can transfer heat to the inside of the food, so you can heat bread and sponge cake.

Depending on the different models and manufacturers, it is possible to increase heat quickly such as “Infrared graphite” (New technology material has 2 to 4 times higher copper conductivity, higher infrared 1.2 times carbon material) and the combination of “Near infrared + far infrared”. The price is more expensive than electric heating, but the bread will be delicious, so you can consider it.

#3 Soft inside, crispy outside with steam

Recently there are many models of high-end toaster equipped with steam spray function. If you want to use the bread toasting feature, but you want to toast other dishes too, you cannot ignore this model.

The steam function is a process of adding a little water to the toaster, and this amount of water will evaporate into steam, helping the bread to warm up without drying out. If the toaster has this function, the bread will be soft inside but still crispy outside. Thanks to that, the daily bread will be better than a level. This function also works with crispy fried dough rolls like Tempura.

#4 Dry toasting function, microcontroller function

If you want to use more than just toasting bread, check other cooking modes. With the Auto Menu, you can select and set the appropriate temperature for different items such as pizza, gratin with just a touch.

In addition, there are other types of toaster that will help you warm up the bread without fear of burning, or the crisp baking of sweet pastries softened by the moisture in the air. If the device has more microcontroller features, it will be more convenient, because the machine will automatically set from temperature to toasting time.

#5 Method to help the bread toasted evenly

The next point to note is the honeycomb machining surface in the oven. This design will help with a higher rate of heat reflection, so that the bread will be heated evenly. Since then limit the situation of uneven bread, so the bread surface will be more beautiful.

In addition, a toaster with glass mirror door also helps to limit the uneven bread. This machine is very suitable for baking cakes, biscuits and some other pastries.

You can also refer to the device using convection method. When heating food at high temperatures, a small fan in the toaster will circulate hot air in the toaster, so that the bread is baked evenly. With this function, you can make fried dishes without using oil.

Top 5 Commercial Toasters 2019

#1 Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

This is the best commercial toaster 4 slice I can review for you. The toaster gives beautiful brown bread batches on both sides without burning. And furthermore, it does well in defrosting and baking frozen slices of bread perfectly. Let’s find out about this product right away so don’t miss a good commercial toaster in the restaurant kitchen.

This toaster 4 slice has the advantage of maintaining regular heat and stability, even when you bake the bread once and then toast it again, they still do not burn, while maintaining a certain heat and crispness.

The toaster also works well with frozen bread and bagels or waffle. With frozen bread, you don’t need to defrost before toasting, but you can put it directly into the grill slot. The slices of bread are baked evenly and retain a certain amount of moisture inside. It has a special feature with bagels, which is just to bake one side of the bagel, to help it keep the crispness on the round face and the softness on the out side.

Besides, it also has a special feature that is the feature that allows you to check bread while baking. You only need to press the button once, then the machine will lift the bread up for a few seconds for you to check, then it will return to the toaster to continue toasting.

Moreover, it also has a “A Bit More” feature that lets you bake bread more within 30 seconds if you feel unsure or simply want to make it more crisp.

However, the minus point of this product is the relatively expensive price and it is quite heavy in weight. But the quality comes with the price, so this machine is also worth the long- term investment.

#2 Smeg TSF01SSUS 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic 2 Slice Toaster

If you are looking for a good commercial bread toaster, add this product to your list. This toaster will highlight your restaurant space and can be combined with any style of decoration. It can be said that this is one of the most beautiful toaster in the existing toaster on the market.

This Smeg 2 slice toaster works very well with bagels. It can bake bagels perfectly with one side is crispy and other is soft and moist. However, it works quite badly with toasting bread.

It works fine with low temperature, but this is very time consuming. When baking bread again, this machine causes them to burn even though the temperature is quite low. Moreover, this machine becomes very hot when operating. You should never touch them while working because it will make you burn.

However, this is a great machine for those who want to own a toaster with a nice appearance and can toast bagels perfectly, or you can call it is a commercial bagel toaster.

#3 Omcan 19938 Commercial Conveyor Toaster Bun, Bagel, Bread, Toaster

Are you looking for a commercial bun toaster? You do not care about the appearance of the toaster but only care about its quality and life expectancy? Put this commercial conveyor toaster right away, because it’s born for you.

This is an excellent toaster for commercial kitchens that require high durability of the device. It was made from sturdy and shiny stainless steel, ensuring maximum life span.

This machine can bake a variety of things like bread, bagels and more. It is worth mentioning here that it can bake all kinds of bread with equal quality, unlike some other machines.

It can change speed and has the ability to control the temperature, making it easy to adjust during operation. Despite being in the middle segment, this is a fairly functional product at an affordable price. This is probably a big plus for the product.

However, with its classic and not-so-beautiful appearance, this toaster will probably not be chosen by many for their commercial kitchen.

#4 Waring Commercial WCO500X 1/2-Sheet Pan Sized Convection Oven

Commercial 2 slice toaster or 4 slice toaster can’t please you? So try this commercial toaster oven with these large baking trays. This is a commercial convection with many great features that you should consider.

It is quite compact in size, so you can save space to be able to install other devices for your commercial kitchen. Despite its small size, it has a large baking tray, which can perfectly bake a lot of bread at once.

You can also set the timer flexibly so you can adjust it to your liking. The front of the glass oven facilitates a more uniform temperature, making the cake evenly baked.

This product is made of stainless steel so its life span is quite high compared to other materials. It is also easy to clean and easy to store.

However, this product has a minus point that needs to be overcome immediately, which is the sudden change in the temperature of the oven. It takes a long time to return to high temperatures after automatically adjusting the temperature. So for those breads that need precision in temperature, you need to pay more attention.

#5 Waring (WCT708) Four-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster

This is a great product for restaurants looking for a commercial grade toaster with the longest power cord. It is a toaster with power cord up to 5.5 feet long, nearly twice the length of the other toasters which are avaiable on the market.

If your commercial kitchen has a few electric outlets, how great would be with a toaster having a great long power cord? Moreover, it also has a hidden cord design, so you can insert any cord without using it to the downside. It not only helps your kitchen to be neat and clean, but also ensures the safety of you and the people around.

Because it is made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean and can prevent rust. So you can be completely satisfied with their shinny apperance over time. Besides, trays of bread crumbs can also be removed easily.

However, this product does not have additional features such as baked frozen bread or toast bagels. Although the grill slot has a 1.5-inch wide slide, it can’t bake other types of bread and just only can bake toasting bread. This is probably the sad news for the bagels lovers.

Although the price is quite high, but the quality of the bread after baking with this machine is not evenly on both sides. You can observe easily that the color of two sides of bread is different, one is darker and the other is lighter. So this is probably not a product for anyone who loves bagels and loves crispy bread.


With the list of 5 best commercial toasters, did you find which one you like? Many attractive features are increasingly added, toater is definitely the necessary home appliance for any kitchen. A toaster is a regular household appliance becasue it will save you time and effort for a baking process. Please compare and choose the right commercial toaster for you.

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